Caravans, Pipe Bombs and Utter Stupidity

The mid-terms are two weeks away, and I think Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges may have been spotted in the Democratic camp. The Dem’s are so desperate they are stooping to new lows. They’re spending millions on a fake Latino for Congress in Texas, a communist Governor in Florida and various other colorful characters across the country. And they want us to believe the latest ‘spontaneous’ events like caravans and pipe bombs are surprises.

I just read there are now a total of 10 pipe bombs discovered on their way to Democrats and Hooligans in and out of office. Ten! That’s a lot of bombs and a lot of risk for someone if those were real bombs that might have hurt someone. Can you imagine the investigation if just one of those went boom? FBI agents would be scurrying around looking like Leftists trying anything to stop Trump.

I had a little training in a past life in land mind warfare and demolitions. Even disarmed and defused a few booby traps in Vietnam. Now that doesn’t make me a bomb expert or anything close. But I have to say, how frigging inept would you have to be to send ten pipe bombs and have none work? You’d have to worse than the Watergate burglars. That’s an out of box failure rate of 100%. Vegas wouldn’t take those odds.

Then we have the ‘migrant’ caravan that one person told me rose up out of nowhere to come and participate in those 70,000 jobs Trump claimed were created in America. Really? First off, picture a poor Guatemalan watching CNN, more than likely that’s all they get down there, and … wait a minute, CNN would never report on Trumps 70,000 new jobs. There goes that theory.

Nonetheless, a ‘caravan’ of some sort is moving towards the US border with Mexico with downtrodden Central Americans determined to have a better life in America. All the while carrying flags of their homeland. But I have a question. When you look at the pictures, they look very similar to the ‘migrants’ from Africa heading into Europe. Well dressed, small backpacks, cell phones, and the majority are males between the ages of 20 and 40 or so. And they expect us to believe this is spontaneous and a humanitarian crisis?

The Left today, which has devoured the Democratic Party, is rats, desperate rats, cornered by their own failures. Because they are cornered, they will do anything from attacking Congressman while they eat to sending fake bombs to imply the crazy white supremacists under Trump will do anything. America not only suffers from a crisis of fake news, we now suffer from fake crisis themselves. 

Let’s be straight. We have communists in our midst. When you have members of Congress and a former Attorney General and Director of the CIA calling for violence and revolution Trump is the least of your worries. It is high time to wake up and realize the enemy is indeed within and we are in the midst of a civil war.