A Time Like No Other!

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Last Chance Patriots, through the name, philosophy, and work of the organization, has been warning about the threats to our Republic and our way of life for several years. The march toward disaster has picked up speed alarmingly in the past 18 months and the 2022 election results will either pull us back from the brink or push us over.

Have Americans had enough of the progressive agenda? Will we restore the integrity of the election process at all levels? Will common sense prevail, or will we slide further down into a moral vacuum from which there is no escape? It sounds like a script for a bad movie.

Patriots, this is your LIFE we are talking about, it’s not a movie. Are you prepared to surrender to the demands of small segments of the American population who want you to not simply “live and let live” but to embrace and promote lifestyles that are frankly unimaginable to most of us?
Are you going to capitulate to demands to bastardize the English language and use invented pronouns like “ze” and “zir” or face consequences? Are you going to allow “gender closets” to be established in your local schools? Are you going to allow school administrators to teach using “social emotional learning” tactics to put a progressive spin on historical, mathematical, or scientific facts? 

When you select a school board member or a state legislator or a congressman or a Senator, you are selecting a person who has the power to influence the implementation of the conditions listed above. These conditions are now in addition to “big” things we have been accustomed to for decades: things like federal and state regulations about water, food, borders, immigration, etc, etc, etc. 

Yes, they are now reaching deep into your personal life, far deeper than our Constitution allows them to do. It is not only our First and Second Amendment rights that are under assault today. 
So choose wisely in the Primary election. Then work like Hell to get the candidate you support elected in the General election. Keep an eye on the election process and don’t be afraid to call out questionable activities if you see them. Elections have consequences and fraudulent elections can be tragic.

Last Chance Patriots is selecting a limited number of candidates to endorse. Admittedly, we are not thoroughly familiar with candidates in all local Montana races so we will limit our endorsements to those candidates whom we have vetted against their opponents. 

by Linda Sauer

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