A State of the Union

I think that the majority of people in the US have had some experience with people suffering from dementia. It has many forms, some very personal and others at a distance.  Many of us, unfortunately, are quite familiar with the behavioral characteristics of people suffering from this terrible affliction: clenched fists, unsteady gait, sometimes incoherent speech, volatility, short-term memory loss, vacant stare, and so on. 

How can Biden supporters deny what is before their very eyes?  It’s like seeing a child with chicken pox and saying, “It’s just mosquito bites!”  Those of us who have known someone suffering from dementia know full well that there can be good days and bad days, and there is no predicting what happens tomorrow.  If you don’t think that our President wasn’t juiced up on some drug cocktail to keep him upright for over an hour and focused to some degree on his task, then you are sadly mistaken.

Some of us also have experience with people who lie without considering it.  I’m not necessarily talking about pathological liars, I’m talking about people who lie about everything, frequently to benefit themselves by boasting to the extreme or to twist facts to reflect upon themselves favorably. People to whom lying is just second nature.  Joe Biden has been described as a liar for decades by people on both sides of the aisle.  

I don’t believe for a moment that Joe Biden made any substantive contributions to constructing his SOTU address.  His contribution was only to spew forth the many lies about the ‘accomplishments’ of his administration without hesitation; to repeat the lies with a hubris that would have been astounding if coming from an individual who had any conscience at all, but instead coming from a man who is not just comfortable with lying but is a master at it, who makes it seem effortless.

His lies about the US economy were particularly egregious, but the party line.  They are not counting on the average U.S. citizen to believe his eyes and pocketbook rather than their lies.  I pray that they are underestimating us!

The bombastic and highly divisive nature of the speech fit Biden’s personality well. He has always been like that. He didn’t have to work at presenting a measured, unifying speech, which would have been a hard task even for a full compos mentis Biden. One wonders if his words, after briefly acknowledging the tragic murder of Laken Riley, were written for him or if he extemporaneously added, “Having lost children myself, I understand.”  He can’t miss an opportunity to make it about himself.    

We are in a sad, dangerous state right now.  There is a reason we have the name Last Chance Patriots.  This is crucial for all Americans to become Patriots, pull the United States back to her foundational principles, and stay the course!

by Linda Sauer

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