Fence Sitters

Two wooden mannequin models sitting in conversational poses, perched on a wooden fence, outside in a garden. They are turned towards each other in friendly physical stances, as if talking to each other in a relaxed manner. White flowers in a grassy area can be seen in the background.

Are you as concerned about the current state of our country and our world as I am?  I hope so!   But there is a difference between being concerned and being in a state of anxiety or angst.  

Well-placed concerns can lead to actions by individuals that may help the situation (like launching Last Chance Patriots!).  On the other hand, an overwrought state of anxiety can result in physical and/or mental health problems with very little or no positive outcome. 

Furthermore, I believe that those people whose concerns have reached such a level of intensity that they have lost all ability to think logically have become vulnerable to the numerous well-funded groups that are attempting to orchestrate the destruction of our society.  I’m pretty sure that those folks whose anguished, tearful and sometimes howling faces were all over the television on election night 2020 are now hiding behind Antifa’s black masks or are proudly and loudly marching with professionally printed signs calling for the overthrow of the current administration. 

They have allowed their disappointment in the election process to morph into an intense hatred that has permeated (dare I say “poisoned”?) all social media platforms as well as MSM.  And those are just the public platforms.  How many family dinners or friendly social occasions have been destroyed by what may have started as a casual conversation, or simply a comment, about politics?

So I call on you to “Save a Fence Sitter”.  Don’t worry about the fanatics because they are a lost cause.  And don’t worry about those of us who have our feet firmly planted on the ground with regard to current affairs.  But if you can encourage a rational, thoughtful person who may be too busy to think about the world outside of their home or workplace to wake up to the threats we face today, then you may motivate one more person who will choose to be on the right side of this fight.

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