What Does It Take to Be a Montanan?

When you listen to Democratic TV ads all you hear is how Gianforte and Rosendale are not Montanans. Really?

When Gianforte ran all they could talk about was how he didn’t know Montana values because he was from the East Coast.

Now we have Rosendale and they claim he doesn’t understand Montana values and has no clue about Native Americans according to Tester.

Think about that for a minute.

Gianforte raised his family here. He built a business here that employed 700 people, and no doubt he’s paid more taxes to our Great State than Tester and Bullock combined. Yet, they say he is no Montanan and has no business leading us?!

Now we hear Rosendale is a ‘Marylander’, God forbid. A developer no less! According to the Left, that makes him clueless on how to manage the land in Montana. Rosendale is a real rancher as opposed to the guy from Big Sandy who poses for pictures on a tractor.

What kind of people single out their opponent for such nonsense. I can tell you who, Leftist Progressives who can run on their records.

The same Leftists in Montana who sing the praises of Wilmot Collins, the newly elected Mayor of Helena. Mr. Collins is from Africa, but somehow he’s suddenly ‘a Montanan’, and rightly so, because he’s been here working and raising a family for twenty years.

The Left is blinded by its own hypocrisy. Time to end the charades.

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