LCP Issues & Positions

We believe the gravest issues facing Montanans and our Nation today are the following …

  1. Refugee Resettlement: We believe refugee resettlement, as it is being practiced today, is not in the best interests of the refugee or the State of Montana. We believe in supporting refugees in their own countries and cultures and believe in refugee resettlement as it was practiced in America prior to 1970. We know for a fact that refugee resettlement today is a big, profit-making enterprise.

  2. Illegal Immigration: We believe in obeying, honoring and sustaining the laws of our State and Nation. We believe an illegal immigrant is a felon and should be deported immediately. We believe in and support legal immigration and immigrants. We do not believe in or support the concept of open borders.

  3. Federal, State, and Foreign Influence on Montana’s Tribes: We believe in and support the Native American people in their quest to preserve and protect their culture and history. We do not believe the Federal or State governments should provide special privileges and funds to recognized tribes that are not also available to every Montana citizen. We are also concerned with the expansion of tribal sovereignty and autonomy over organizations and natural resources that serve all citizens and the growing influence of foreign governments over tribal governments.
  4. The Interfaith Movement: We believe in and support religious liberty for all faiths. We believe it to be a cornerstone of our State and Nation. We believe the current ‘interfaith movement’, the blending of religions, is being driven by sinister supporters both domestic and international. We know this to be a fact and are committed to exposing its driving force.

  5. The Islamization of America: We believe the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization with the stated purpose of taking over America by a ‘cultural Jihad’. We believe what is happening in Europe is the precursor for things to come in our State and Nation. While we do respect and honor the rights of individual Muslims and advocate no harm; we believe and can document why we believe Islam, its doctrine, and Sharia Law, is a totalitarian ideology that has no place in America or any free society.

  6. The Movement for a New World Order: We believe our Founding Fathers were inspired men who created the new nation, a Constitutional Republic, government by the consent of the governed. We believe our Constitution and Bill of Rights to be the greatest human rights document in the world. We believe there is ample evidence that it was in fact established on Judeo-Christian values that served as the framework of our legal system. We believe in the sovereignty or our Nation and do not support any movement seeking to change our Constitutional Republic. We do not support the United Nations or any of its agency’s that seek to usurp the sovereignty of our Nation. We believe there is ample evidence of an effort by enemies foreign and domestic to destroy American society and sovereignty for the purpose of creating a New World Order.

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