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Those of us paying attention know the 2020 election was stolen and we have an imposter in the WH. We in Montana also know that ‘Zuckerbucks’ influenced our elections and the majority of our legislators turned a blind eye to the problems even when state groups have provided audits showing discrepancies.

Our ‘Feet to the Fire’ Campaign is an effort by Last Chance Patriots forcing our legislators to declare exactly where they stand on election fraud. After watching the most astounding and undeniable evidence of election fraud presented in 2000 Mules we had an idea.

We are going to put a DVD of 2000 Mules in the hands of every Montana legislator (100), the Governor, AG, and Secretary of State. We are going to hold them accountable by following up.

We will expose those who were elected to SERVE We the People, who don’t support finding the truth and fixing election fraud, and will sing the praises of those who do stand for integrity in our elections! Will you help us? Thank You! Click here

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2000 Mules (video)

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