If you love America, if you love Montana and want to preserve and strengthen the principles upon which our Nation is founded, then YOU, are a Last Chance Patriot!

Last Chance‘ because America is at a pivotal point in its history: if the current trajectory of divisiveness, vitriolic rants and violence continue, America as we know it will be lost forever. If those of us who believe in the Judeo-Christian principles upon which America was founded can rise, reject and reverse the current secular progressive movement we can save our country.

We must make our voices heard. It will be hard to be loud enough to overcome the well-funded movement that is trying every single day to destroy America … but we can do it! We must preserve our Republic for our children, grandchildren and beyond. Support us by passing the word, getting involved and doing something to keep Montanathe Last Best Place.

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Mission Statement

The mission of LAST CHANCE PATRIOTS is to inform, instruct, and inspire Montanan’s to make their voices heard, to do what it takes to ‘Save Our State’, MONTANA the Last Best Place, and our Nation.

The keys to our success are …

We are driven with a singularity of purpose and unity of effort.

We deliver a clear and consistent message that is focused on the issues undermining Montana’s freedom.
We will fulfill our mission through our own efforts and by partnering with like-minded individuals and groups across our Great State.

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