Twenty Years Later …

Do you remember the days following 9.11.2001? 

Days filled with sadness and confusion were followed by days filled with patriotism and love of country.  We came together as Americans to mourn our dead, to despise our enemies and to lift up our country and defend its freedoms.  What has happened to America since then?  

We are all now subjected to the sometimes overzealous scrutiny of the TSA when we travel; we are criticized for being ‘Islamophobic’ if we express fear of Muslims, who aren’t trying to hide the fact that they want to kill Christians and Jews; we are called “racist” if we object to Muslims trying to impose their beliefs upon our culture; we are encouraged to embrace diversity even when it poses a threat to our well-being; we are ridiculed if we express patriotism, gratitude to our military and law enforcement; and we are now expected to accept the dishonoring of our flag, the symbol of our liberty, as “freedom of speech” and civil protest.

What will it take to restore the patriotism that has energized this country over the past 250 years?  The patriotism that fueled us to fight international battles against tyranny is fading.  It is being drowned out by the voices and actions of those who want to destroy America, who want to “fundamentally change” America.  

I fear that it will take another even more catastrophic event to restore America’s patriotism.  After all, other than TSA and Homeland Security, what effects are left seventeen years later?  Today’s college students didn’t know our world before 9/11, they were unborn or maybe toddlers then.   Many adults who experienced that day have forgotten how horrifying it was and choose to push the memory away.  That is why, seventeen years later, we have a growing number of Muslims running for political office – and winning!  They are taking their oaths of office with their hands on the Quran, not the Bible.  

We need to remember 9.11.2001, not brush it away to the basement of history. 

God Bless America!

Linda Sauer

The Bible, The Quran, and The US Congress

More Muslims than ever are running for political office this year. The Associated Press reported in July this year that 100 Muslims are running for federal and state positions in the current election cycle and nearly half made it through the primaries. Many more are running for seats on local planning boards, school boards and other positions at the local and county level. 

A large number of Muslim candidates appear a positive development for many people, especially those on the Left. After all, they’re Americans and have every right to run for office. As one person recently said to me, “They’re just like you and I and have every right like we do”. On the surface that is correct. The question is are they just like you and me?

It cannot be denied that Islam has a long-standing and recognizable plan to take over America and replace its Constitution. The Muslim Brotherhood is the Author of the Explanatory Memorandum that outlines its plan to take over America by what it called ‘a Civilization Jihad’. The Muslim Brotherhood is a designated terrorist group in 7 nations, including the country where it was founded, Egypt. Civilization Jihad means from within. Gaining political office would be one way to achieve its objectives. 

There are several Muslim Brotherhood front organizations that are set up to provide support to the growing list of Muslim political candidates. Organizations such as the United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), Project Mobilize, Jetpac, and Emgage. The USCMO, a political party for Muslims and the first religion-based political party in U.S. history, formalized its commitment to Muslim candidates at its founding in 2014. Conspicuously absent from the USCMO website are references to U.S. laws or a pledge to uphold the Constitution.  Instead, featured prominently is this statement: “The Council places premium importance on defining the common good based on the Quran and the model of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.), and coordinating a cooperative striving among Muslims and their institutions to implement that common good in America.” Does that sound like they are you and I?

There is a disturbing trend of allowing Muslims to pledge their allegiance at their swearing-in by placing their hand on the Quran and not the Bible. That is a major problem. Nothing in the Quran is compatible with our Constitution. Sharia Law, which is the goal of Islam to introduce wherever they become dominate, is not compatible with the Constitution. That is a problem.

As we approach the November elections and subsequent swearing-in ceremonies in 2019, do you think Muslims should have to swear on the Bible? Write your Congressman as I did and see what they say. It’s a short note, with a simple question. “Will you support a Muslim candidate taking his oath of office by swearing on the Quran?” That’s it. No fanfare. And if you do I hope it turns out better than my letters. I got no answers from two of our Congressman. And the one that did answer wrote a lengthy three paragraph diatribe about supporting conservative causes never mentioning the question I asked.

Around the World of Islam

The Montana Human Rights Council, Soft Landing, Love Lives Here and UM Professor Bitar all sing the praises of ‘peaceful Islam’. Let’s take a quick look at a few headlines from last week.

A report from Sweden says Muslim migrant joblessness is nearly 20%, yet the government calls for even more Muslim migrants. Sounds like the People Republic of Missoula. From Germany, they reported that a Muslim migrant stabbed a Doctor to death in a random attack at his practice. In tragic news closer to home, it was reported that an American couple that believed “evil is a make-believe concept” were murdered by ISIS while bicycling across Tajikistan.

Their actions seem to place reasonable doubt as to their peaceful nature. What do their words say? In Illinois this week it was reported that a Muslim leader said: “Everything we represent goes in total contradiction to what the West represents”. Umm?  News from the land down under reports, “I step on your cross”: Muslim leader in Australia says his group “not required to comply with Australian laws”. Why not?

Back in the states, we venture up to Minnesota where a Muslim Congressional candidate voted against a bill to stop insurance payments to jihadis. Wouldnt it make sense to stop insurance payments to jihadis? Finally, on the ‘homegrown’ front, NBA basketball legend Lew Alcindor, a Muslim convert (his Muslim name is Kareem Abdul Jabbar) says that our national anthem is a slave song. Really? That coming from a multi-millionaire in support of the other ungrateful multi-millionaires in the NFL who won’t stand for our anthem.

The extreme Left is alive and well and working on Montana. They support the people described above and they support them coming to America and setting up shop. They support America becoming a Third World nation as it is transitioned to a socialist state, part of the New World Order.

Stand up now and stop the rot!


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