Listen … The Silence is Deafening

It was May 30 when the Jury announced their verdict against former President and Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump. Guilty on all charges. Finally, the communist Democrats can call their nemesis a convicted felon.

Of course, the verdict comes after the first show trial in New York, where he was found guilty in a trial with no Plaintiff, no victim, and no loss but was ordered to pay a bond of half a billion dollars or face the State of New York seizing his assets. 

Then there is the tampering with an election charges in Georgia that are currently delayed. And we can’t forget the now confirmed bogus Russian collusion fiasco and the set up of General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone and a laundry list of others maliciously prosecuted on phony charges.

Then there was the unprecedented false flag raid on Trump’s Mar a Lago estate, where O’Biden authorized the use of deadly force. False flag, you say? Yes. You see, the commies had discovered that the Imposter in Chief had classified documents in his garage, and his nemesis had to be blamed as a distraction.

If all the wrongs and violations of every principle America stands for were a forest fire, it would be burning bright from sea to shining sea. Like him or not, Donald J. Trump has been vilified to the degree that evil is the only word that can describe what is taking place in our once-great Republic.

With fires burning coast to coast and a former Republican President trapped in the blaze, there must be help on the way? Listen? Surely they’re coming? The fire is consuming everything Republicans claim to stand for? Listen? What do you hear?

Listen … their silence is deafening. With a champion of American values going up in flames, where are the Republicans outraged? With the White House being run by former President Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, ignoring our Supreme Court of the United States decision that discarding student debt is not Constitutional … where is the outrage from our Republican leaders coast to coast … silence. 

Here in Montana, we have Senator Daines, who is … silent. Representative Zinke … silent. Representative Rosendale, well, he stood up and fought for right just like he said he would. And who stepped up against him? Republican House Speaker Mitch McConnell, Governor Greg Gianforte, Representative Zinke, and Senator Daines. They were silent then, no, the Montana Mafia took him out to make room for a new shill and an old one.

Listen … their silence is deafening. There’s no one shouting we have an imposter in the White House. There’s no one crying from the halls of Congress in outrage that the attacks on Trump are modern-day Stalin Show trials. There’s no shouting about the lawlessness growing across the nation, the mental illness being perpetrated on our nation driven by the Alphabet people. Nothing.

Listen …  their silence confirms they are no better than them, the communists who’ve taken over our nation. It’s time for the theater we call Congress and all the Actors we’ve elected to face the music. But our only chance is …

Listen … our noise, our voice, our shouts and cries, and actions pierce the deafening silence of those who claim to lead us … our state and national Republican parties. Judge them by their actions, not their empty words.

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